451°F 1966, 1984, & Animal Farm: Sloppy, Satanic NWO GASLIGHTING & BOOK-BURNING CAMPAIGN Exposed

“A few days after the bloody executions, the animals discover that the commandment reading “No animal shall kill any other…

Overwhelming Evidence Dolly’s Braces ‘Edited Out’ of all existing media

http://dolly.barriereader.co.uk/dolly.html “I want to state that the screencaps were pulled from “Moonraker (1979) [1080p]” BRRip. However I have also checked…

Book Published Oct 1, 1991 by South African Council for English Education states Nelson Mandela died July 23, 1991

http://www.timelineshift.com/2016/08/south-african-book-from-1991-nelson-mandela-died-on-23-july-1991.html CERN ‘Happy’ music video alludes to the ‘666’ in MANDELA’s Prison #!

SAMSUNG & KIA Logos’ A’s now inverted V’s (6 in Hebrew)
BIBLE ‘Satanic Verses’ emerging? Christians worldwide notice increasingly corrupted text & ensuing confusion

lion-lamb Corbett  published  a book/commentary  entitled  ‘Book of Revelation:-The Most Embarrassing Book In The Bible ‘  10 years after 9/11,…

FORD dons curly “Q”.. for Quantum?
500,000 Syrians Already Exterminated; Remaining Population Bombed & Starved to Death by US whilst its Taxpayers distracted by Satanic Hexes, Media Lies & Gov Hoaxes

US final Depopulation via STARVATION of remaining Syrian populus including kids, blaming Assad & Russia; while preps for 2017  Depop…

DOZENS of US copyrights for BerenstEin Bears titles on US Gov & Patent offices’ sites

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