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perhaps it’s a compromise that HIS namesake brand kept IT’S first name, at least!

Shifts RANDOM? Even Rod Sterling of ‘TWILIGHT ZONE’ Affected!

Rod Sterling (now Rod Serling) was a ‘Unitarian Universalist’ and is known across multiple generations as the host of the…

Pacific Ocean now an Entire Side of Globe, Half of Earth


Vintage VW Logo in ‘Back to the Future’ ?

vs @1:53 & 2:11

Sinbad in Shazam! replaced by Shaquille in Kazaam (1996); make way for ‘Shazam!’ (2019)

Gyspy Genie to Western Wizard? Hollywood hocus pocus apparently transforms Sinbad & Shazam! into Shaquille O’Neal & Kazaam.. with ‘Shazam!’…

Confuzzled? SECRETE now means to hide OR release! secrete Secrete is all about secrets. It means both “to hide” and “to release.” When you squeeze a lemon,…

Resurrection! 96yo Billy Graham’s 2013 PRESIDENTIAL EULOGY now a mere ‘Tribute’ “Graham was a spiritual adviser to American presidents”

Hollywood gay oldtimer Richard Chamberlain didn’t die of HIV in late 1980s

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