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‘But those enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.’ Luke 19:27
Ominous anonymous Neil doppleganger now in first 6 episodes of Britcom ‘The Young Ones’

NOBODY remembers, nor realized til some 30 years later, but director Geoff Posner now says that IF his ‘memory serves┬áhim…

CONDOLEEZA Rice Annointed Mark of ZION
HITLER invented VW! (whose mark has shifted to VVV or 666)

Too OBVIOUS for CERN to include in their wacky music videos?

California Dreamin’: Change from Began (past) to Begin/Pretend (present) hallmark of most shifts’ subtle yet entropic nature

Why didn’t it change to the correct tense for the sentence as well as the whole song, which would be:…

NWO assigns Williamson’s ‘OUR DEEPEST FEAR’ to Mandela via Hollywood

Luckily, it – for ‘now’ – remains in Marianne Williamson’s 1992 book ‘Return to Love’ and as a matter of…

11:6 9:11

Even Woody Allen’s reference to (Isaiah) 11:6, with a twist at the end, gets another twist, from “Unfortunately, Woody…

CERN Mad Scientist confirms God Particle/Dark Matter Portal Quest changed MANDELA life & James BOND line!

@ 0:22

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