Sun Now Appears Brighter & Whiter

Tried finding some scientific bases for the reason the sun appears brighter and whiter, but to no avail. I have read that the sun is getting brighter incrementally but only at the rate of 1% every 1 million years!

Recall back in the 80s thru 90s laying back in park lawns and looking up at the sun – even though my parents and schoolteachers clearly warned us not to – and being able to glance at the warm golden ball for quite a few seconds until my eyes water up and squint.

Now its a cold bluish-white blinding blast of light that I can’t even look indirectly at in the sky for a mere second. But that’s just me. Surely there is a greater concensus out there regarding our solar changes, if any.

Stumbled across this video – and only this video so far – on youtube where the author has a similar observance, for what it’s worth:


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