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SAMSUNG & KIA Logos’ A’s Look Like Inverted Vav’s (6 in Hebrew)
BIBLE ‘Satanic Verses’ emerging? Christians worldwide notice increasingly corrupted text & ensuing confusion

lion-lamb Corbett  published  a book/commentary  entitled  ‘Book of Revelation:-The Most Embarrassing Book In The Bible ‘  10 years after 9/11,…

500,000 Syrians Already Exterminated; Remaining Population Bombed & Starved to Death whilst West’s Taxpayers distracted by Satanic Hexes, Media Lies & Hoaxes

US final Depopulation via STARVATION of remaining Syrian populus including kids, blaming Assad & Russia; while preps for 2017  Depop…

DOZENS of Copyrights for BerenstEin Bears titles on Gov & Patent offices’ sites
American Goth Woman now looks to side at window & fork aka ‘3 & 3’: 33 NWO Beast System?
Negative Being Mocks Bibles’ Narrative Changes as God’s Word Changes
Vintage U-HAUL Logo in Defending Your Life 1991; BMW Salesman Talks With Mrs. BerenSTEIN

Both during the first two minutes into the movie! Daniel Miller (Albert Brooks) DIED after he got hit by…

Another ‘Big Bad Wolf’ Change: Blow Your House Down now Blow Your House IN!

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