Ominous anonymous Neil doppleganger now in first 6 episodes of Britcom ‘The Young Ones’

NOBODY remembers, nor realized til some 30 years later, but director Geoff Posner now says that IF his ‘memory serves him correctly’, they thought it would be ‘fun’ to put a ‘ghostly’ character in some scenes that was ‘never explained nor talked about’, but they ‘forgot’ to do it consistently.

Yet, this fully robed character that was ‘never explained nor talked about’ – til NOW in recent years – even appears in official posed pics of the CAST, yet not in the credits! In episode 5, it moves while sitting on the sofa, albeit ever so slightly. And in its final appearance, supernaturally floats past the window while the house is engulfed by floodwaters in S01E06 ‘The Flood’.

In 30 years, neither has anybody come forward claiming to be the human face/identity that played the extra castmember with long brown hippy hair,  lanky forearms and hands all strikingly similar to Neil’s.


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161 thoughts on “Ominous anonymous Neil doppleganger now in first 6 episodes of Britcom ‘The Young Ones’

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