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451°F 1966, 1984, & Animal Farm: Sloppy, Satanic NWO GASLIGHTING & BOOK-BURNING PSYOP CAMPAIGN Exposed

“A few days after the bloody executions, the animals discover that the commandment reading “No animal shall kill any other…

Book Published Oct 1, 1991 by South African Council for English Education states Nelson Mandela died July 23, 1991 CERN ‘Happy’ music video alludes to the ‘666’ in MANDELA’s Prison #!

American Goth Woman now looks to side at window & fork aka ‘3 & 3’: 33 NWO Beast System?
Bush Pronounced Mandela Dead in 2007.. 6 Years PRIOR to his 2013 Death!
Cancelled Series ‘REWIND’ Discloses Timeline Manipulation via World’s Largest PARTICLE ACCELERATOR

@ 4:50

CERN Mad Scientist confirms God Particle/Dark Matter Portal Quest changed MANDELA life & James BOND line!

@ 0:22

Otis Redding’s River Lynching Death now the Proverbial Plane Crash

Why in the world would a dead celebrity (who tried to set up a ‘black’ recording company) now be exhibited…

Father of Berenstein Bears’ author Stan Berenstain was Harry BERENSTEIN?

Stan Berenstain Stan Berenstain Birth Name: Stanley Melvin Berenstain Date of Birth: September 29, 1923 Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,…

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