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Skull Faced Gun, Fake Arm Edited onto Scarecrow in all existing media


NWO Satanic Psyop Targets SOURCE ‘Code’ as Even Sesame Street Star Wars Spin-off Remains “Luke, I am your Father”

vs @ 3:55

NWO Satanic Psyop Targets SOURCE ‘Code’ as all Mr Rogers’ Song Spin-offs Remain THE Neighborhood
NWO Sloppy Satanic Psyop: Overwhelming Evidence Dolly’s Braces ‘Edited Out’ of all existing media “I want to state that the screencaps were pulled from “Moonraker (1979) [1080p]” BRRip. However I have also checked…

Vintage U-HAUL Logo in Defending Your Life 1991; BMW Salesman Talks With Mrs. BerenSTEIN

Both during the first two minutes into the movie! Daniel Miller (Albert Brooks) DIED after he got hit by…

Sally Fields now Sally FIELD; ‘You really love me’ now ‘You like me right now’; Brother Scientist at CERN!
CERN Mad Scientist Brags Dolly’s BRACES gone from ‘Jaws’ via ‘BOND #’ sign in ‘Happy’ music video


ET (1982): ‘ET Phone Home’ now ‘ET HOME PHONE’!

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