Forrest Gump: Life WAS like a box of chocolates?

Albeit in a southern(?) twang, Forrest says life WAS like a box of chocolates, yet I can’t even find ONE youtube video that currently writes it as WAS  – they all write IS even though he does somewhat clearly say WAS.

I remember it as IS and apparently so does everybody uploading this clip on YT! Could the new reality be a criptic message, life WAS?

Or is it simply casual southern jargon; you know, how people – especially less intellectual types – chatting about stuff in the past tense imperfect (ie, momma always said) being a certain way would tend to keep the tense the same (ie, it was) even though it is implied to apply forward?


154 thoughts on “Forrest Gump: Life WAS like a box of chocolates?

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