Father of Berenstein Bears’ author Stan Berenstain was Harry BERENSTEIN?

Stan Berenstain

Stan Berenstain
Birth Name: Stanley Melvin Berenstain
Date of Birth: September 29, 1923
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Date of Death: November 26, 2005
Place of Death: Solebury Township, Pennsylvania
Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish
Stan Berenstain, along with his wife, Jan Berenstain (born Janice Marian Grant), were American writers and illustrators. They created The Berenstain Bears, a book series and television show.
Stan Berenstain was Jewish. He was the son of Rose (Brander) and Harry Berenstein.

Some might argue TYPO and/or NAME CHANGE on the father’s spelling, but how do they argue TYPO or NAMECHANGE also on specified ethnicity and religion? Sure is alot of changing involved – and not just of name.

It could not be any clearer at this point that a ‘Christian Coverup’ encompasses the seemingly magical – albeit diabolical – conversion of secular ashkeNAZI jewish Berenstein Bears into nevertheless ZIONist Christian ‘Bible-Book Berenstain Bears’ they are today.. with an obviously now shady past!


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