KJV now CORRUPTED FEAR PORN? ‘Two MEN in One Bed’ and ‘Two Women GRINDING TOGETHER’ (Luke 17:34)

KJV is the ONLY translation with ‘people’ now replaced by ‘men’.

Additionally, “woman grinding grain together’ has now been corrupted to ‘women grinding together’.

Remember a time when the intended message (spoken in Aramaic, narrated in Greek) was that during end times, for any two people here, there, or wherever (ie, 2 men/in the field; 2 women/grinding grain), be not surprised that God will ‘save’ one but not likely the other.

Remember a time when the intended message was of zero phobia, and zero porn? Enter Mandela Effects!


162 thoughts on “KJV now CORRUPTED FEAR PORN? ‘Two MEN in One Bed’ and ‘Two Women GRINDING TOGETHER’ (Luke 17:34)

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