Mandela’s 2nd Death’s Occult signature

I vaguely remember my parents watching and talking about Nelson Mandela’s death at the table near the dining room TV, and even memorials being broadcast. I was a toddler back then so didn’t actually know who he actually was, til learning about it in elementary in following years where his death was clearly discussed by teachers posthumously.

It is only a couple years ago I heard that he died again, and my first impression was that one of the two ‘deaths’ must have been another ‘politically staged’ death just like Michael Jackson’s staged death, to protect him from politically charged occult sacrifices like that of Princess Diana and countless other figures.

However, it appears there was no staging in Mandela’s instance. He died in prison back in the 80s and then again in 2013. How can that be? Fortunately we live in a time where physics is making exciting breakthroughs in research that literally pushes the limits of the atom, our universe, and all that is in between. Theorists seem to be converging on the idea that we live in a holographic mutiverse amidst sat least TEN different ‘dimensions’, not just the 3 dimensions we see nor the 4th (time) nor the 5 (which resultant timeframe), and so on. It’s really quite complicated to understand once you pass the 4th dimension but the long and short of it as I am just beginning to understand it is that because of so many dimensions in hyperspace, there are thus multiple places one atom (or object, or self!) can be in at the same time! And ample dimensions allow for infinite outcomes of location, timing, and actions.  That due to proximity between parallel universes, it is relatively very easy for us to at least occasionally experience quantum jumps from one reality to another where location and surroundings seem pretty much the same but interactions between timing and actions may have produced at least small repercussions such as whether Mandela died well before America experienced its own first president of African heritage or during or after. Or larger repercussions such as whether the human species went extinct one millenium or the next!




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