NWO Sloppy Satanic Psyop: Overwhelming Evidence Dolly’s Braces ‘Edited Out’ of all existing media


“I want to state that the screencaps were pulled from “Moonraker (1979) [1080p]” BRRip. However I have also checked a VHS copy and DVD copy for the same anomalies. They exist in ALL formats. I chose this to screencap because of its ease.”

Do you see the near horizonal grid-like lines between her teeth. Like something was once covering her teeth in a horizontal direction. As in how braces used to look. Big, metal with horizontal wires covering all teeth.

As a side note, I just noticed how much her teeth change colour through those frames. White to yellowy. Shadow changes tone, not hue.

Exhibit B. Invisible braces!


Again, there are two main anomalies here. One is the aparantly invisible braces and the other is the shiny thingy appearing in her mouth.

Here’s the invisible braces blown up. (click to enlarge)

Again, look at the annotated bits. Not the compression around them. I know what video compression looks like and acts like over a variety of different colours and contrasts. This is not the “compression artefact” shape.

There are a couple of things here… The weirdest being the silvery bulbous “thing” coming out of her lip/mouth/teeth. The other is the faint line seemingly following the teeth along the front.

Exhibit C. Through the drinking glass.

Next up Dolly takes a sip of her champagne. Here’s the Gif. (click to enlarge)

There’s some frame jumpiness here as well, my fault for trying to speed the process along. The important frames are still there. Blow that shit up yo! (click to enlarge)

In this gif there is a similar but darker line going through her teeth, but only when the glass is over it. To me this is indictive of an algorythm failing because of the difference behind glass. Especially as her lips and skin are not affected in the same way. This is all denoted by the green arrows.

Exhibit D. There’s that dark line again.

This one rules out shadows being the issue. Cue Gif. (click to enlarge)

On HER left side of her face you can see a dark horizontal line going through all the teeth. This cannot be shadow from her lip, because it would go all the way to the actual lip itself. If it was a shadow from an external source the shadow would cast over her cheek as well. So… What is it?


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