BIBLE ‘Satanic Verses’ emerging? Christians worldwide notice increasingly corrupted text & ensuing confusion





Corbett  published  a book/commentary  entitled  ‘Book of Revelation:-The Most Embarrassing Book In The Bible ‘  10 years after 9/11, and in the above online article claims to have recently confronted a  group of pastors  on the famous, timeless Isaiah 11:6 Bible verse “the (young) Lion shall lay down with the (male) lamb” which  refers to how peaceful living in God’s Kingdom will be, compared to present-day life on Earth, pointing out that this particular, famous quote does not actually exist in today’s Bible.

Corbett  explains he quoted Isaiah 11:6 and pointed out that it refers to the wolf and the lamb not the lion and the lamb, and that the pastors indicated they would check this out when they returned home to their computer, but that he  hasn’t heard from them since. It should be pointed out the pastors did not appear to make any indication they would follow up with him, yet he specifies that he hasn’t heard from them since.

The moral of the story? Human history, laws, rules, events, spelling – and even quoted words of God, Jesus, Apostles, etc can easily be REWRITTEN- apparently in the above case so as to appear as either never existed or  were widespread-ly ‘misquoted’.  The overwhelming memories of mass majorities of people? So far – thank God – as subjective and indeed vulnerable as they can be due to the nature of memory recall as well as ‘group think’ – nevertheless, cannot!


186 thoughts on “BIBLE ‘Satanic Verses’ emerging? Christians worldwide notice increasingly corrupted text & ensuing confusion

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